Abner Ganet

Elmhurst – 920 Sq. Ft

Dear Tom.. Thanks for the chocolate bar.
As to a testimonial, where do I begin? Many years ago Dura-Ply re did a leaking roof on a large commercial building I owned On York St. in Elmhurst, IL and as far as I know, twenty years later, That roof is still not leaking. I used to have Dura-Ply come twice a year to check, and NO LEAKS..

I own a flat roofed home in Elmhurst, as part of a town home association. We had Lots of leaks. We had a special assessment of $10,000.00 for new roofs. I had to pay that amount, but I insisted that I wanted Dura-Ply to do my roof.. I paid Dura-Ply myself. The townhome Association used another roofer, and they have had problems ever since. Dura Ply comes out twice a year to my home and Checks the roof.

I am a member of the Board of Trustees at Elmhurst College. A number of year ago, we needed a new roof for the science building.. I persuaded the college to invite Dura-Ply to bid. Dura-Ply won, and did a great job on a very complicated roof of the science building.


Hind-Site Holding Inc.

Wood Dale – 5000 Sq. Ft

Dear Sir,
We have received your warranty today and just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased we are with your product and service. Your Mr. Preston responded to our request for a quotation to replace our roof and provided us with a wealth of information for us to make an informed decision for this large (to us) capital expenditure. We looked at numerous other quotes before choosing the right contractor and material, when we entered into a contract with your firm.

We previously had, what we thought was a top quality roof in 1992 when we went with a high end PVC roof material (Sarnafil) and a reputable roofing contractor (Anthony), BUT we were wrong as we found out in 2006 (14 years in) that our roof was shrinking, and with numerous stop gap repairs over the next few years that the roof material was also deterioration to the point of leaking where the “plastisier” was gone and the roof was cracking and checkering.

Enter Mr. Preston, who was able to document the performance of the “current” major roofing material (PVC, TPO, EPDM & MOD. BITUMEN), for us to make an informed decision ( as to price and longevity) and to choose our best course of action. Which was the EPDM roofing material with the venting system that we are enjoying today. He was interested enough in my concerns to take me on a tour of roof’s that had stood the test of time, (20+ years) thereby providing a level of security and assurance that we were making a good decision with our choice of your firm and this material.

Your crew performed the work with precision and with the cooperation for our particular difficulties as we had to rebuild the tops of the walls that the PCS had dragged up and destroyed in its ever-shrinking assault on our building, while you crew was on site to keep watertight through the process.

We are highly motivated to recommend your firm for any roof work we encounter in the future and will gladly provide any personal recommendation, which may present itself for your future customers.

Rosebrook Carefree Pools, Inc.

Highland Park – 6400 Sq. Ft

We built this building with a 6400 sq ft roof in 1978,
and installed a tar and gravel roof. It lasted 16 years and started leaking like a sieve. Somehow we got your name and called you for a quotation on replacing the roof with an EPDM root, which we investigated thoroughly and then sign a contract with your firm to do the work. We investigated it because we had not heard of a rubber roof for a building before and wondered about the longevity of the product.

We got three other bids, all on replacing the tar and gravel with tar and gravel again, and the lowest price of the three was approximately $20,000 Your proposal was almost 40% less, so we had some reservation about your company and your product. No more reservations It is a marvelous roof !!! It has served us very well for 15 years so fart and I expect that it will continue. You mentioned in your note to guys that if we replied to your invitation, you would make a few inspections of our roof.

I would like to take you up on that, but please call me some time later this spring when we have no snow on the roof and make an appointment. Again, we could not be more pleased with your firm and your products.

Barrington Millwork 2

Hillview Dr., Lake Barrington, IL – 3038 Sq. Ft

Your performance was beyond expectations.
Pricing, installation, quality of work were well beyond the competition. Thanks for helping us make the right choice.

Dench Electric

313 Fay St, Addison, IL – 16492 Sq. Ft

I am one of the owners of a condo building in Addison, IL.
We installed a roofing project on our building approximately 4-5 years ago. It has performed well with only 1 small leak early on and that was repaired quickly and painlessly. As Tom Jr. told me when we first met,ìthe roof will hold water like a bathtub’! I’d like a ride in that helicopter…

Horween Leather

2015 North Elston Ave., Chicago, IL – 7586 Sq. Ft

After 4+ years,
the roof system that was installed on part of our building is holding up just fine. The original inspection and explanation of the Dura-Ply roofing system was very professional. The presentation of the work to be performed was great. The crew worked well and the overall service was top notch. We are satisfied with the experience.

Nels J. Johnson Tree Experts

912 N. Pitner Ave., Evanston, IL – 5100 Sq. Ft

It has only been 6 months,
but I can say it was nice not be chasing leaks this winter. The job this summer went smooth and was finished in one day as planned. Everyone was very nice. The product is great and Iím very happy.

Village Plaza

1769 Bloomingdale, Glendale Heights, IL – 9170 Sq. Ft

Very trustworthy. They honor their warranty.

Walton On Dempster

5050 Dempster, Skokie, IL – 20983 Sq. Ft

We would just like to thank you for your fantastic service
and for your outstanding customer follow up. We at Walton have had a few instances in which the roof was leaking and you guys came right out no questions asked and repaired the roof, right away. We as a business were very impressed with the fast service and would highly recommend your services to anyone else whom we might hear say they need a roof. Thanks again and we will certainly be using you again in the future.

JLS Properties

818 Westwood, Addison, IL – 19200 Sq. Ft

Thank you for the updated warranty
for our roof that was put on 6 years ago. I appreciate you making the change especially since the work was already done and so much time had passed. It is great to do business with a company who does what they say they will do.

O&P Enterprises

3989 Grove Avenue, Gurnee, IL – 5250 Sq. Ft

To let you know from start to finish,
the professionalism of the people that represent Dura-Ply is fantastic. From the quote to finish of a great job, I could not ask for anything better. If the rest of the service industry that we need to confront on a daily basis is half as good as Dura-Ply employees this would be a better place, to ask for the service that is often needed. I would, and have recommended Dura-Ply to anyone that needs roofing done.

Cobblestone Investments, LLC.

Batavia – 23154 Sq. Ft

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you with this, but I wanted to see the roof go through the winter. There is no question we had zero leaks, but that was expected with a new roof. The big, added bonus, was the savings in gas as a result of the additional insulation.

Everything you said was true. I want to thank you for taking the time to get our here before and during the job. The extra time to your company spent to rough in the additional air vents and air condition compressors on the was much appreciated when the contractors left us leaking and suffering. That was way beyond the call of duty, and we certainly appreciate your extra efforts.

The way the job was completed without causing and commotion was also excellent. No on had to even move a car, and we did not find one nail, screw, or piece of debris in the parking lot during or after the job. Seamless. I kept your brochure for almost 5 years after we initially talked when I bought this building.

Yes, I did get 3 quotes when we purchased the roof, and yes, the other companies had a lower price. After reviewing the roofing systems, there was really no long term saving though. Kwalyti Tool already save almost two thousand dollars on Gas this year compared to last year, and 2008-9 was a colder winter than 2007-8.

I am 100% happy and I will always refer anyone looking for a new roof. Anytime you need to use 1690 as a show piece in Batavia, feel free.

Kohl Vick Machine Works

River Forest – 13045 Sq. Ft

Our roof was installed in 1995.
As we were researching our roof, we investigated replacing our existing tar and gravel roof with the same technology as before. One of the options we explored was the membrane roof with the pressure/vet system offered by Dura-Ply.

Our Dura-Ply salesman was very informative and knowledgeable about the product explaining the advantages of the roofing system. He was able to offer us a superior roof at a competitive price. We were extremely pleased with the installation process and now after 18 years, feel that we have a quality roof far superior to the old tar and gravel.

This roofing system has exceeded our expectations and we feel that it is going to be serviceable for years to come. When it comes time to get another roof, we would definitely call Dura-Ply Roofing Corporation.

O’Leary Realty Corp.

Hawthorn Woods – 22701 Sq. Ft

As you know,
we have used your roofing, system on two of our rental buildings over the past few years and in both instances we are very pleased with the results. We were constantly making repairs to our roofs after fielding calls from unhappy tenants.

It got to be too much and we decided to pay now instead of pay later and go with a new roof. Not only was your price for the jobs very competitive but also in retrospect our choice to go with you was right.. We have had almost no problems with our new roofs and on the rare occasion that we do have a problem your people are right on it.

By the way, those problems are almost always the sky lights and not the roof. It is nice to get what you are hoping with and your product we certainly did.

Bernhard Woodworking

3670 Woodhard Dr., Northbrook, IL – 54000 Sq. Ft

Dura-Ply did our new roof on our 54,000 square foot
addition in 1999 and reroofed our 42,000 square foot plant at the same time. Dura-Ply came up with cost saving suggestions that allowed for thousands of dollars in savings by going with a rubber roof over a ballasted roof. Ten years later the rubber roof has performed exceptionally well. Dura-ply has been extremely responsive in repairing storm damage effectively and on short notice.

Formel Industries Inc.

2355 N. 25th Ave, Franklin Park, IL – 10400 Sq. Ft

The workers worked efficiently and most of the roof is perfect.

Kirsch Builder’s Supply

155 Industry Ave., Frankfort, IL – 8020 Sq. Ft

Finally a Roofing Company for the long run.
My family has owned this building since 1977. Tomís Dad helped with the new roof in the 80’s, some maintenance in the 90’s to present day. I hope to get new fascia in the spring.

Old World Industries

155 Industry Ave., Frankfort, IL – 8020 Sq. Ft

Thank you for the quick and professional installation
of our new roofing system. The crew was helpful on repairing the damaged holes from changing our heater system even in zero degree weather. I would highly recommend them when it comes to durability and quality work for a building roof

Villa Park Electrical Supply

420 W. North Ave, Addison, IL – 14400 Sq. Ft

Watch out for the roofers, they are all crooks!’
That is what the general consensus is when deciding on a roofer for a project. But when using Dura-Ply Roofing I never felt that way. Tom Preston is an honest business man that will give you an honest and fair price and has the knowledge and team to provide the services necessary to complete the job. Being involved in a family business I recognize the devotion necessary to get return business from your customers. I will and have recommended Dura-Ply Roofing.

Wilkens Anderson

4525 West Division, Chicago, IL – 14750 Sq. Ft

Normally I would not take the time to fill out a request for a testimonial.
But our experience with our Dura-ply Roof has been so positive that it is my pleasure to recognize a great product. We were faced with a tough choice when we first considered reroofing. We had 3 roofs already in place and we needed a complete tear off. Dura-Ply came in with a solution that avoided the tear off, dried out our old roof(s) and saved us money to boot. We were so pleased that 5 years later we never even considered any other contractors when we replaced a different roof on our building.

It’s the best decision we ever made.

Sethness Greenleaf

1826 N. Lorel Ave., Chicago, IL – 24626 Sq. Ft

I am so pleased with our new roof
and the service provided by your installers. They were very professional, knowledgeable, reliable and clean. Their willingness to provide us with excellent service exceeded our expectations. I will, without question, contact your company for any future roofing need and recommend your company to associates, friends and family

J. Thomas Concklin Insurance

240 S. Westmore, Lombard, IL – 5026 Sq. Ft

Dura-Ply Roofing
installed a new rubber membrane roofing system on our office building in Lombard ten years ago. The installation was very professional and completed under schedule. We are very pleased with the way the roof has performed and strongly recommend your roof inspection procedure. You are welcome to use our name as a reference to any new customer.