Dura-Ply Roofing provides the most durable and sustainable commercial flat roof system available in today’s marketplace. Dura-Ply offers a long-term roofing solution for all buildings that have a flat or metal standing seam commercial roof system.

Dura-Ply’s, DRI-ROOF™ – a commercial flat roof recover system – is engineered with a patented self-drying component. Our exclusive drying formula is intended to eliminate the risks that are associated with placing a new roof over the top of an expired flat roof system. By coalescing essential roofing components with Dura-Ply’s proven air-flow technology, our roof system offers a preemptive approach to common roof failures that occur when a new roof is installed over existing multiple roofs.

The moisture eliminating behavior of Dura-Pl’s roof system offer our clients an unparalleled value when compared to conventional roof replacement. Because moisture is like a cancer within the roof system, with our roofing formula we are able to eliminate the exorbitant cost of a complete tear-off, avoid lengthy business interruption, and offer our client incomparable sustainability at an affordable price.

Product Value – Unparalleled

A Proven History

During the 1970’s, drastically hiked price of crude oil drove up the cost of roofing. Roofing professionals responded by seeking out alternatives to asphalt based systems like coal-tar pitch, B.U.R and modified bitumen.

By 1984 a single-ply, synthetic rubber roofing membrane called, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), was broadly acknowledged as a viable alternative to the asphalt based system. This membrane would later serve as the crux for the superior roof system designed and engineered by Thomas J. Preston Jr. and his son, Thomas J. Preston III.

Today, EPDM continues to outperform all other roofing membranes. The most recent data provided by the SKZ study supports an average life expectancy of more than 50 years.

In additional to providing a superior quality membrane, and unlike most roofing contractors that will offer to install any product on the market, our crewmen have been trained in one application, Dura-Ply’s, DRI Roof™. This philosophy provides great uniformity in workmanship and ensures the best possible job for you. Dura-Ply provided craftsmanship that is hard to compare.

A Proven Performer

Dura-Ply’s vented commercial roof system is a capital investment that puts money back in your pocket. The U.S. Department of energy supports that a black roof in Chicago provides more cost savings over any white roof, or “Cool Roof.” In fact, they are proponents of energy savings in climate zones 4 and up with a black roof. Our product eliminates the unnecessary expense of tearing off a roof, reduces your energy requirements year round, is environmentally aware, and will keep you dry for decades.

With over five decades of empirical data, EPDM is proven to be the longest lasting roofing membrane available. Unlike other plastics and asphalt based roofing membrane, EPDM does not rely on plasticizes for flexibility. For this reason, EPDM can be easily repaired, even after decades of weathering.

If you are you looking for a Long-Term solution for your commercial roof replacement you have found the right company, Dura-Ply Roofing.